Using AI to create stock images

My experience with AI has largely been limited to annoying chatbots, but DALL•E 2 is different.


Our founder, Jacob Buurma, is going to be on sabbatical from May 1 to August 31, 2022.

Ode to the Yukon

Where you have less resources, you often have more resilience.

The Very First Time

There is no substitute for that very first creative impulse, even if it is riddled with mistakes.

Reaching 50 Sites

This month, we passed the milestone of 50 client websites under active management.

What I Wish I’d Known

Highlights from a talk presented for the WordPress community here in Victoria on What I WIshed I'd Known in the early days of a web design business.

Check the Plexus

"The gradients are so 2008. The plexus is so today."
Image of eve with a drawing

Repetition and the Creative Process

Repetition is also key to the creative process. Sometimes the solution comes on the 524th attempt at the same problem.
image of people shaking hands

The First Impressions Test

It's been said that "you can know a stranger in 10 seconds but it takes a lifetime to know yourself."
image of a flower with a colour gradient

Mind the Gradients

If you have eyes to see them, gradients are everywhere in the wild.
image of a building

Balsillie School of International Affairs

We are pleased to report that the Balsillie School of International Affairs has earned a Gold Award for its new website designed by Vibrant Content in the 2017 MarCom Awards!
image of a body of water surrounded by mountains

The Malibu Font

Communications professionals swoon over the idea of integration - aligning all the individual components of an organization’s brand.