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Tell It Slant

Since the earliest days, web page design has basically been on a grid. This results in a clean, but rather boxy aesthetic where information is typically presented in horizontal bands as you scroll down the page. Some web designers, however, are beginning to tug at these constrictions.

I’ve recently noticed that slanted lines are starting to pop up on modern sites. Some designers mix angled lines with the usual grid layout – such as the Patisserie 46 home page:

patisserie-46-ps1600Others push the envelope farther and create entire home pages on a slant such as this novel home page from Bose:

bose-ps1600This summer, I was asked to replace the straight line at the top of the Antone Ranch site with a slightly jagged, irregular one. After several failed attempts, I found a way to make it work. It’s just a detail, but the result has a bit more rugged and ranch-like feel.

antone-detail-ps1600It’s too soon to say where this slanted line trend will lead. The days of the fixed grid are far from over. But going forward, I believe more web designers will be telling it slant instead of staying inside the box.

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